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You can manage DNS zones under DNS Functions in WHM. This area is for advanced users only; so please feel welcome to request any DNS zone changes by contacting us via phone or Live Chat. Understanding DNS Zones The function of your name servers is to locate the server and the correct DNS zone in order to get the following information: • A Record - points your domain or subdomain to an IP address (e.g. -> IP address) • CNAME Record - points your domain or subdomain to another domain name (e.g. -> • MX Records - control where your emails are received. If you want your mail hosted on another server, this is what you will need to change (e.g. -> server.ext). • NS Records - must match the name servers you are using Changing NS Records When Using Private Name Servers Note: For Reseller or higher only. If you are using private name servers and you would like to change your NS Records 1. Log into WHM. 2. In the left menu, expand DNS Functions. 3. Click Edit DNS Zone. 4. Select your domain name from the list and click the Edit button. 5. Look to the right of SOA and replace the name server with your primary private name server (be sure to include the trailing dot for ns1). [screenshot before] 6. Look to the right of NS and replace each name server with your private name servers (be sure to include each trailing dot for ns1 and ns2). [screenshot after] 7. Scroll down and click the Save button. Changing MX Records Note: MXRecords will require your domain to be on a special remote server list. To point the MXRecords to either a remote or local server, you can do the following: In WHM 1. Log into WHM. 2. In the left menu, expand DNS Functions. 3. Click Edit MX Entry. 4. Select the domain name to which you would like to make changes to and click Edit. 5. Select either Local, Backup or Remote Mail Exchangers. o Please review Rules for Local, Backup, and Remote. o If you are unsure, choose Automatically Detect Configuration and hit the Change button. 6. Once you have selected where the MX Records will be pointed, click Save. In cPanel 1. Log into cPanel. 2. Under Mail, click on MX Entry. 3. Select either Local or Remote Mail Exchangers. 4. Click Change to complete the change. Related Articles • How to Change DNS Zones (MX, CNAME and A Records)
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