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Article Apache Handlers
Apache Handlers allow you to control how Apache will manage certain file types. When Apache recognizes a file, it has an action built in for that...
Views: 167
Article Increase Reseller's Client's Disk Space (aka Quota)
Increase Quota by User/Domain To increase your client's disk space: 1. Log in to WHM. 2. Navigate to the Account Functions section in the...
Views: 149
Article What is the difference between domains vs hosting vs website?
When you have a site visitor, they use your domain name to view your website. As simple as it seems, there is a process that occurs from the time...
Views: 110
Article Why Web Hosting is Like an Art Store - An Analogy
One way to look at web hosting is that it is similar to an art store. An art store provides you paint, brushes, canvases, and other tools you need...
Views: 103
Article Accessing Web Disk and WebDav
Web Disk (also known as WebDAV) is a drag-and-drop interface in cPanel which allows you to access your website's files as if it were a local drive...
Views: 101

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